Pressure Boosting Systems India

Fluid Systems, with over 15 years experience in the industry, offer a wide variety of – standard and custom build to your specifications.

The consists of automatic pressure controlled Pumps and a Bladder tank with precharged air. The water is pumped in this tank, which compresses it and pressurizes the bladder, which in turn maintains the desired pressure within the whole system. This automatic system requires no manual intervention and is built for low maintenance.

For higher water requirements custom build systems are available with variable speed drives. High fidelity pressure sensors sense the minutest water quantity drawn and the variable speed drive pump delivers the demanded quantity at a preset pressure. Complete and efficient management of water pressure is achieved with lower operation costs.

VFD Based Boosting Systems

The basic function of the Variable Frequency Drive is to control the pump to meet your system demands in one of three ways

  • Control for constant pressure
  • Control to match a system curve
  • Control for constant flow
It performs these functions by:-

  • Measuring the system pressure by a transducer mounted on pump discharge.
  • Calculating the motor speed to maintain the correct pressure.
  • Sending out a signal to the pump motor to start, stop or increase/decrease the speed.
  • In the case of multiple pump installations the VFD will vary the order of the lead pump and turn on the lag pumps automatically in the case of duty/assist sets.
In addition to the basic functions, the VFD can do things only the most advanced computerized systems can do, such as:

  • Shut off the pumps at zero demand.
  • Shut off a single pump at maximum flow or automatically turn on the next pump in a multiple series.
  • Protect the pump and motor from over/under voltage, overload and earth fault.
  • Vary the time of pump speed acceleration and deceleration.
  • Compensate for higher friction losses at high flow rates.
  • Send out a signal
  • Display all functions in an LCD window.
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