VFD Multiple Pump Operation and Control

Fluid Systems, with over 15 years experience in the industry, offer a wide variety of pressure boosting systems – standard and custom build to your specifications.

The Pressure boosting systems consists of automatic pressure controlled Pumps and a Bladder tank with precharged air. The water is pumped in this tank, which compresses it and pressurizes the bladder, which in turn maintains the desired pressure within the whole system. This automatic system requires no manual intervention and is built for low maintenance.

For higher water requirements custom build systems are available with variable speed drives. High fidelity pressure sensors sense the minutest water quantity drawn and the variable speed drive pump delivers the demanded quantity at a preset pressure. Complete and efficient management of water pressure is achieved with lower operation costs.

Multi-Pump System Operation with VFD for Constant Pressure Maintenance

Constant Pressure is maintained by the VFD in a multi pump system in the same manner as single pump system. The VFD can use up to four pumps to maintain constant pressure. However as the first pump reaches maximum speed; increased demand will cause the pressure drop as the pump runs down its curve. In single pump system, the pump would shutdown at run out, while In the multi pump system, the pressure drop causes the second pump to come online.

Special Features

  • Automatic operation of the system
  • Light, Compact and easy to install.
  • Provides strong, even constant water pressure every time.
  • Silent operation.
  • Very durable requiring almost no maintenance.
  • Low operation cost.
  • Monitors water flow and provides for automatic shut off if no water is available, thus eliminating one major cause of pump breakdown/burnout.
  • Provides for automatic shut off at very low water flow levels to protect against cycling.
  • No need of overhead tank provided continuous power is available.


  • Ideal for boosting low water pressure in homes where the incoming municipal water supply pressure is inadequate
  • Increase water pressure from underground or surface water supplies
  • Automatic water transfer
  • Applications where pressure "cycling" must be avoided or where the pump may have interrupted water supply
  • Domestic & light industrial irrigation
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