Garnet sand

Garnet is a natural minerals and not a by products of a chemical process. It is inert and non-toxic and virtually free of silica, thus excluding any danger whatsoever of silicosis hazard. Garnet has a very low dust emission.
This makes it safe for the operator , does not pollute the atmosphere and causes minimum disturbance in the vicinity and adjoin ingare as . In consequence the use of natural garnet as an abrasive has won a worldwide approval among occupational health authorities. Moreover, as Garnet is an environment friendly material , It is now gaining favor with many environment protection authorities, for the following main reasons:

  • Garnet does not pollute the atmosphere because it has very low dust emission.
    Therefore it offers no known health hazard.
  • When used offshore, does not contaminate or foul the sea-bed nor disturb marine life.
  • Due to its high productivity, less garnet is used and therefore less cleanup and disposal.
  • As garnet could be recycled several times and also being a natural non-toxic mineral, it does not Create disposal problems as other slag abrasives do.
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