Ion Exchange Resins

We offer our clients an optimum quality grade of Water Treatment Resins which is processed using the best grade chemicals and high-end processing techniques in adherence to the set industry standards. Owing to their high effectiveness and safe usage, these resins are widely demanded among our clients. Furthermore, to ensure the purity, the provided resin is precisely tested by our skilled quality controllers against several quality parameters.

Cation Resins / Softener Resins

  • Premium quality strong acid cation exchange resin containing nuclear sulfonic acid groups having high exchanged capacity, combined with excellent physical and chemical stability and operating characteristics.
  • Can be used in wide range of pH and temperature.
  • Supplied in hydrogen form for demineralization applications as Cation Resins and sodium form for softener applications.
  • Other Applications- Dealkalization and chemical processing.


Type: Strong acid cation exchange resin
  • Appearance : Amber colored beads
  • Functional group : Nuclear Sulfonic
  • Physical form : Moist spherical beads
  • Ionic form : Hydrogen / Sodium
  • Particle size : 0.3 to 1.2 mm
  • pH range : 0 to 14
  • Maximum operating temperature : 120 degree in H form and 140 degree in Na + form

Pack Size: 50 ltr Bags

Anion Resins

Strong base anion exchange resin with an porous type structure based on polystyrene matrix containing quaternary ammonium Type 1 group.
  • The strong base groups derived from quaternary ammonium groups are capable of removing weak acids such as carbonic acid to very low levels.
  • Supplied as moist spherical beads in chloride form
  • Better resistance to organic matter.


Type: Strong base anion exchange resin
  • Matrix structure : Cross linked polystyrene
  • Functional group : Quaternary Ammonium Type 1
  • Physical form : Moist spherical beads
  • Ionic form : Chloride
  • Particle size : 0.3 to 1.2 mm
  • pH range : 0 to 14
  • Maximum operating temperature : 60 degrees

Pack Size: 50 ltr Bags

Mixed Bed Resins/ Super Charged Resins
Mixed Bed (MB) Resins are a mixture of cation and anion exchange resins. MB resins are used as polishers to obtain low conductivity water, which is required for boiler feed for high-pressure boilers, electronics and electrical discharge cutting machines and pharmaceutical applications. 

Mixed bed polishers are also used as a primary deionisation unit when the salt load is low. They find applications in process industry, where demineralisation of pH sensitive products is to be carried out. Depending upon the requirements, MB grade resins can be supplied in custom-designed ratios.

Super Charged Resins

The MB resins can be supplied in highly regenerated, premixed conditions for use in dye applications. They are also available as highly regenerated cations and anions for use in regenerable mixed bed units. Premixed resins are available in different proportions and combinations of cations and anions to suit end users needs. The resin mixture is ready for the use without regeneration

This Super charged resin is especially suitable in mixed bed units for polishing after primary demineralization systems in process industries, electronic industries, small industrial plants, etc
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